The Interrupting Annotator



Free software for collaborative and convivial video viewing of public policy-making.

C-SPAN KARAOKE displays media that streams from public archives of the website, along with karaoke tunes gleaned from various free offerings on the web. So, gather together with friends and loosen up those vocal cords...


While you are navigating the flows of institutional political process, faithfully and invaluably documented by CSPAN, you can always break out in song...and the louder the better. Use CSPAN KARAOKE and your voice in collective chorus with friends, to navigate CSPAN video streams - whether these are representations of illegitimate authority or suspect versions of reality. Sing with conviction, because resonant frequencies have been known to shatter glass.


Although streaming video archives are available at the CSPAN website as a not-for-profit, public service of the lucrative American cable television industry, they are only publicly accessible for a brief period of time. Some more significant videos may remain available longer, but most CSPAN videos can be accessed for only a few months before they disappear.

The disappearing CSPAN video archives means that over time, the accumulated list of video titles for CSPAN KARAOKE software may contain an occasional "dead" link, a gap in collective memory of institutional political process. Note that the more recent videos will always appear conveniently near the top of the selection list for your KARAOKE pleasure.