The wildernessPuppets workspace focuses on the construction and application of cinema software, a.k.a., idiomorphic software.

Barbara Lattanzi has written and applied digital code across a range of projects including: video improvisation ("Unwriting"), remediation of particular structuralist films of the 1970s ("HF Critical  Mass", "EG Serene"), reexamination of the sing-along genre as annotation and ideology critique ("C-SPAN Karaoke"), perceptual experimentation that incorporates extended-duration structures for the moving image ("Optical De-dramatization Engine").

Barbara Lattanzi's work has been screened at such venues as the Ann Arbor Film Festival, the European Media Art Festival, and Robert Beck Memorial Cinema. Her experimental software, "C-SPAN Karaoke", received an Honorary Mention in 2005 at Transmediale, the Berlin-based international media art festival. Her interactive media works have been exhibited at the 2003 Version>03 Digital Arts Convergence - Chicago, the 9th New York Digital Salon, Electronics Alive II Invitational, the 4th Seoul Net and Film Festival, and Turbulence. In 2005 she contributed a gatepage to the Artport website of the Whitney Museum of American Art. The production of her multimedia applets and software has been stimulated in part by the open structures of net-based cooperative venues such as Moscow on-line software art archive, "" and Rhizome "Artbase", where her work is included. An essay about Lattanzi's software in relation to 1970s experimental film appears in Millenium Film Journal Nos.39-40. Barbara Lattanzi currently teaches in the Expanded Media Division of the School of Art and Design, Alfred University, Alfred, New York.

Barbara Lattanzi
Lattanzi at alfred dot edu

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