Cinema Software and Audience as Instrument   (pdf file)

by Barbara Lattanzi
Preparation for "Live Cinema Summit"
New Media Caucus, 98th College Art Association Conference, Feb.11, 2010.

What is so Cinematic about Software?   (pdf file)

by Barbara Lattanzi
Presentation for "Connectivity"
Connecticut College, Ammerman Center 10th Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology, March 31 & Apr.1, 2006.

We are all Projectionists

by Barbara Lattanzi
A version of this essay published 2003
Millenium Film Journal Issue No. 39 / 40

Critical Mass, the Software   (pdf file)

by Barbara Lattanzi
Presentation for "Gloria! The Legacy of Hollis Frampton"
Princeton University, Visual Arts Program, Nov. 5 & 6, 2004.

excerpt (pdf) from:
"New Media Public Sphere and Experience"

by Frazer Ward, on media works by 3 artists.
Paper delivered at "Performance Studies International 13",
New York, Nov.10, 2007

(Re)performing the Archive: Barbara Lattanzi & Hollis Frampton in Dialogue   (pdf file)

by Chris Hill
Revised version 2004.
Original essay published 2003
Millenium Film Journal, Issue No. 39 / 40.

Productive Unclarities, interview with Barbara Lattanzi

by Keiko Sei
2001, Issue 4 / 01 Austria

Media Dialects and Stages of Access   (pdf file)

by Chris Hill and Barbara Lattanzi
FELIX, A Journal of Media Arts and Communication
Vol. 1, No. 2: Shot/Reverse Shot/A Cross-Circuit Videologue (1992)

The following books quote from or cite this essay:

  • States of Emergency: Documentaries, Wars, Democracy
    by Patricia Rodden Zimmermann
    (University of Minnesota Press, 2000) pg.212
  • Art, activism, and oppositionality: essays from Afterimage
    edited by Grant Kester
    (Duke University Press, 1998) pg.266
  • Transmission: Toward a Post-Television Culture
    edited by Peter d'Agostino, David Tafler
    (Sage Publications, 1995) pg.171-172
  • Resolutions: contemporary video practices
    by Michael Renov and Erika Suderburg
    (University of Minnesota Press, 1995) pg.332


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