Many of these videos are either (1) compositions based on recordings of my generative software as raw material; or (2) recordings of improvisations (performed by myself using algorithmic and interactive components) that apply my software to pre-existing video. There are also documentations and prototyping of installations.

If you have trouble viewing these videos, you may prefer to access them at the idiomorphics website, at

Soliton CroSSing   (2014)


Orange Crush and Blue Stampede   (2014)


Wind Pattern Signals Video   (2014)


A Teakettle's Thermal Beings   (2014)


Blue Picnic (geometries of affectation)   (2013)


Boat Yer Row Row Row (sketch for installation)   (2013)


Periodic Cycles of Yellow and Black   (2013)


Boat Yer Row Row Row   (2013)


The Hole in the Sock   (2012)


ALAALLL, a light at a level below   (2012)


Optical De-dramatization Engine - installation documentation   (2012)


Storming C   (2012)


Howl   (2011)


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