UNWRITING uses the qwerty keyboard as vernacular instrument for remixing videos

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  PC Windows version     |     MACINTOSH version (OSX)     latest version 3.13.2010

Optical De-dramatization Engine (O.D.E.) applied in 40-hour cycles to Thomas Ince's "The Invaders", 1912

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            PC Windows version     |     MACINTOSH version (OSX)  

HF Critical Mass open-sources the 1971 film, Critical Mass, by Hollis Frampton.

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            PC Windows (version 1.0, only)     |     MACINTOSH (version 2.0)

Version 2.0 (for Macintosh only) is available for download at GitHub website  

AMG STRAIN open-sources the 1992 video, Strain Andromeda The, by Anne McGuire.

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            PC Windows version     |     MACINTOSH version (OSX)  

EG SERENE open-sources the 1970 film, Serene Velocity, by Ernie Gehr.

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            PC Windows version     |     MACINTOSH version (OSX)  


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